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Country Wide House Clearance clear and clean thousands of houses and offices every year, here are just a small sample of testimonials from past satisfied customers who have benefited from our clearance and cleaning services.


Over the years we accumulated a lot of office junk which we rather lazily dumped into the basement until we simply had no room left and needed a clear out. Despite being dimly lit and in pretty cramped conditions though, the lads from Countrywide House Clearance cleared the lot and in only a few hours and without any complaints. Now we have all that room to store more of our office junk! We'll probably call the guys back some day no doubt. If you want to get rid of your clutter without fuss, these are the guys for you. A smashing service, many thanks.

– Martin Peters, Newcastle

My mother was a serial hoarder and when she died me and my family were left with the daunting prospect of clearing her large 3 bedroom semi which was cluttered from top to bottom. We were going to do it ourselves but we simply didn't know where to start so we looked around for a clearance company and found Countrywide who were brilliant from first contact to the actual completion of the clearance. They salvaged many items from the property which contained sentimental value and they also managed to salvage some antiques and a large quantity of money. They were very respectful and showed great professionalism throughout. I recommend them very highly, they are an excellent organisation with friendly staff.

– Mr Jones, Bristol

We used Countrywide to clear and clean our late father's property. He was a serial hoarder and once his health deteriorated he couldn't keep on top of the cleaning. He also had 4 cats which left an awful mess as they weren't being let out towards the end. Chris and his crew came out to view the property and were very sympathetic and showed a lot of empathy towards us. They were very considerate throughout the whole process and within 1 and a half days they had removed all of the clutter and cleaned the property. I recommend them 100%!

– Danny Morrison, Leeds


My great uncle was a serial hoarder. He lived into his 80s and amassed lots and lots of junk over the years. He never disposed of anything. I and other family members tried to get him to clear parts of the house, but he wouldn't have it. Once he passed away we were left with the task of clearing it all. We tried to do it ourselves but 1 day turned into 1 week and we were getting nowhere. What we needed was a specialist house clearance company and in Countrywide we found the perfect service. They were brilliant from start to finish and cleared the house in 2 days. They salvaged lots of personal items and charity stuff which we were extremely grateful for. We cannot thank Country Wide enough. If you have a cluttered house needing cleared, these are the guys for you.

– D. Simpson, Liverpool

We bought a property that was left in a great deal of disrepair, the roof was partially damaged which allowed pigeons to nest and live inside the roof. Inside there were dead pigeons and lots and lots of their 'droppings', to the point where the sheer weight had caused the ceiling to cave in. The property itself was also badly cluttered. Countrywide came out to have a look and within a day gave me a quote to totally clear the contents, dead pigeons and the droppings. They had the property cleared out in 1 full day. I couldn't do what they do for a living, I don't have the stomach for it, but their men weren't fazed at all and did a great job. I recommend them highly.

– Mary Wallaces, Manchester

A wonderful, prompt, friendly service from the Country Wide House Clearance guys. They are everything they say they are. A good old fashioned British service. Many thanks.

– Cory Talbot, Glasgow

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Certified by the National Association of House Clearance Professionals (NAHCP).

We are proud members of the NAHCP, which ensures that our house clearance service meets the highest industry standards. Rest assured, our team follows best practices to handle every clearance project efficiently and responsibly.

House Clearance - we are

  • A family owned business

  • Fully licenced & registered waste carriers

  • Fully insured with full public liability & employee insurance

  • 90% of all waste recycled

  • Upto 50% of items donated to charity
  • Approved Environment Agency contractors
  • Large vans - we clear most properties in 1/2 van loads
  • Fully trained, experienced, insured & uniformed staff

  • We do not sub-contract or use sub-contractors

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